Relationship & Operations SuperApp

Web Application Infrastructure

Example of an Application Deployment Scenario.

Following in one possible application scenarios for reference:

Membership & PDPA

1) Register the Customer as well as your Team Members with contact details and personal profile of ‘services’ for the client and ‘service skills’ for the Team Member who support the service.

Room Booking

2) Book a ‘Room’ together with Date & Timeslot


3) Assign a ‘Volunteer’ who will serve the particular Client and follow up.

Issue Tracking

4) Document the ‘issue’ with background info and provision a service/support plan etc. Track the progress.

Petty Cash

5) Record all the expense items for a particular project / client.

Customized Reports

6) Design & Generate customised Reports


7) Provide an avenue for the Client & Support Team to communicate with each other and to be able to document these communication for a Team to collaboratively manage the communication.