Relationship & Operations SuperApp

PlaNetTel Projects Reference.
(25 yrs of Customised Technology Solutions)

A) CRM & Call Centre integration with Case Management (ROMP powered):

To custom build and operate the infrastructure for ‘The Salvation Army -Sojourn’ division & SG Accident Care to provide support services to the Migrant Workers.

Functional Modules Call Centre, Registration of Volunteers & Beneficiaries, Essential Profile of the Volunteers & Beneficiaries, Case Notes Form, Case Referral and escalation.

Client:  SG Accident Care. Contact: Eric Lee (MD).

B) Operational Management Portal for ‘Urban Farm’ project (ROMP powered):

Web portal services to support Volunteer services at the Urban Farm..

Functional Modules: CMS Web Portal, Registration of Volunteers, Check-in/out with declaration of ART result status, Recording Volunteer Hrs..

Client: Farm2Hope Pte Ltd.  Associate company of PlaNetTel

C) Registration & Payment Portal for Online/Onsite Course Management (ROMP powered):

Provide online portal to post course content on CMS, provide payment gateway for students to register for the course and make payment. Provide membership registration and follow up engagement using a Membership Management System.

Functional Modules ROMP modules for Registration, Payment, Course Booking

Client: Dl2go Global (S) LLP, Reference:  Norani Abu Bakar (MD).

D) Communication Portal for a ‘Not for Profit’ Organisation (ROMP powered):

Web portal to support donations using SRV to serve marginalised to enjoy an outdoor tours.

Functional Modules: CMS Web Portal, Marketing channels support with Email Campaigns..

Client:  Corporate Alliance for Good Ltd.  Contact: Wilson Tan (CEO).


E) LOTM ( Learning On The Move) MOE-IDA project:

To provide ‘Mobile Learning Services’ to more than 300 MOE (Ministry of Education – Singapore) as well as for various Government, Military and Community Service Organisations. The project involves design, development and deployment of Mobile Content that is triggered using GPS, image recognition or BlueTooth. Mobile Content is built for various ‘Hot Spots’ and ‘Hot Spots ‘are organized as a ‘Learning Trail’.

Client LDR Pte. Ltd.. Contact: Col. Png Bee Hin. (CEO),


F) Office Software Infrastructure: (Alzheimer’s Disease Association)

Provision and manage for a ‘Social Services Entity’ with several offices, Software Application infrastructure with the following services:

Functional Systems: IP Call Centre, File Sharing Service, Client management using CRM, VPN service for remote access to CRM and File Server

Client: Alzheimer’s Disease Association. Contact: Jason Foo. (CEO)


G) Process Control & Inventory Management System (Part of a ERP system)

Design and deployment of a sub module of an ERP system to manage the components in a research project at a local University.

Client: Singapore University Department.


H) Dating Services Portal: (Singles Mingle Pte Lte)

Build and manage the portal that provides members with registration for events. Business owner is able to manage the profile of the members and the financial transactions. This was a SDU supported project.

Client: Singles Mingle Pte. Ltd. Singapore, Contact: Mr. Kelvin Ong. (MD)


I) International Internet Roaming – Prepaid Card System: (iPass Project)

Build and Operate a Server Infrastructure to provision prepaid cards for retail customers by integrating the services with the USA based ‘iPass’ Services and mainly China – based Retail Telecom Service Providers.

Client/Contact: Augustine Ler. Managing Director, Singapore APAC  IPASS INC


J) Taxi Booking IVR Server: (Smartcab)

Processing and routing incoming customer calls for Taxi Booking, routing calls to Call centre operators, providing call pop-up and caller-id based integration with the Taxi Booking and dispatch server.


K) E-Kiosk Applications (NEA Office at HDB Hub)

Design, build and deploy E-Kiosk solution for Browsing Restricted sites and for submission of on-line application with scanned documents at the Hawker Management System.


L) VoIP Network Building – IDA SBO Class License (DV100511):

Planettel has been one of the Pioneers in developing FoIP & VoIP network in the region in the early years of this technology.


M) Telecom Billing Processing Platform (under PIC grant):

Custom built Telecom Billing platform to extract data from pdf invoices, merge with custom rates and generate updated invoices