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Web Application Toolkit

Solving Your Operational Problems

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You may download the ‘Software Toolkit’ slides presented during March 29th NCSS Members Dialogue Event.
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PlaNetTel Software Tool Kit for

Social Impact Organizations.

(Charities, VWO, Social Enterprises)

PlaNetTel Software Services empower

PlaNetTel Software Services empower
Social Impact Organizations to focus on
the primary mission to serve the needy
while our Software Toolkit help you to
streamline and manage your
Communication, Collaboration and Operations.


PlaNetTel application to provide standard ‘Out of the Box’ Web Products was approved by NCSS in December 2017. Under this special SS-VWO product pricing scheme, PlaNetTel will provide the following products as a start, while expand the offerings in future:

  • a) PlanCRM
  • b) PlanForum
  • c) PlanChurch
  • d) PlanProjects